Catholic Parish of St. Thomas More

210 Haddow Close, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6R 2P3, Ph: (780) 434-6313, Fax: (780) 438-2088



1. Archbishop MacNeil, retired archbishop of Edmonton was the main celebrant.

2. Our Knights of Columbus in full regalia for this special event.

3. We began our celebration with the School banners coming procession.

4. Our wonderful choir under Leslie Steele, our competent director of music, out did themselves in making this celebration a very special one for us.

5. The archbishop prays the prayer of dedication for the new altar.

6. As part of the dedication, Sacred Chrism is poured upon the new altar.

7. Incense is used as a sign of our prayers rising to God.

8. The altar is now finally dressed and prepared for the first celebration of the mass upon it.

9. A view of the new altar with the parishioners.

10. The Eucharist is celebrated with the archbishop flanked by 2 deacons of the Archdiocese of Edmonton.

11. A moment of prayer after communion has been distributed.

12. A close up of the Presiderís Chair and 2 of the 5 altar serverís chairs.

13. The Cross in the center of the altar holds a relic of St. Marguerite díYouville foundress of the Grey Nuns.

14. George Heagle of The Cotswold Studio was the craftsman who built the furnishings in the sanctuary.

15. Our celebration continued in the Hall where a wonder spread of food had been prepared.

16. These are the workers in the Kitchen and Hall who prepared the food for us.