Catholic Parish of St. Thomas More

210 Haddow Close, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6R 2P3, Ph: (780) 434-6313, Fax: (780) 438-2088


10th Anniversary Dinner & Silent Auction
On Fri, April 27, 2007 we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of this parish building. We began with Mass and continued with a special banquet and silent auction. The auction fund-raiser was a great success as we raised $13,056 for stained glass windows inside the nave of our church.

The auction was a huge hit! Fr. Sylvain tried his hand (or voice…indeed, his whole body) as an auctioneer for one item, and all agreed, he was a natural!

Fr. Kazimierz agreed to auction off the shaving of his beard since, in his words, his proximity to the North Pole has resulted in repeated cases of mistaken identity with Santa Clause! Darlene & Mark prevailed in the very active bidding for the privilege of cutting off his beard. Real & Blandine outfitted Fr. Kaz with a “substitute beard” to help him adjust to such a drastic change. (See photos!)

On behalf of the parish, we extend a tremendous “THANK YOU” to all who attended the dinner, and for all those parishioners who donated items to the silent auction as well as those who successfully bid on the items. We also extend a gracious thank you to the organizing committee and those volunteers who prepared and served a most delicious and enjoyable dinner.