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Based on the “JOURNEY OF FAITH” Series – Liguori Publications

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01. Q8 - Places in the Catholic Church SOUND: 1. Q8 - Tour of Church.mp3
SLIDE: 1. Q8 - Tour of the Church.pdf
02. Commission the Catechists
Q1 - Journey of Faith
Q2 - What do Catholics believe?
Y3-SLIDE: 2. Q1. Q2. Journey of Faith, what Catholics believe 10-Sep-15 T. Edmonds.pdf
Y3-SOUND: 2. Q1, Q2 Journey of Faith-beliefs.mp3
Y2-SLIDE: 2. Q1, Q2 - Journey of Faith--What Cath Believe handout 20 09 12.pdf
Y2-SLIDE: 2. Q1, Q2 - Journey of Faith Sep 20 2012.pdf
SOUND: 2. Q1 Q2 Journey of Faith-L.Normand.mp3
SLIDE: 2. Q1,Q2-Faith journey Normand 11.pdf
SOUND: 2. Q1. Q2. Journey of Faith, what Catholics believe-T.Edmonds2015.mp3
03. Q3 – What is the meaning of the Mass? Y4-SOUND: 3. Q3. Meaning of Mass - Gusts-Sep2015.mp3
Y4-SLIDE: 3. Q3. The Meaning of the Mass-Gusts-Sep-2015.pdf
Y3-SOUND: 3. Q3. Meaning of Mass-Marcella C.mp3
Y3-SLIDE: 3 Q3 - The Meaning of the Mass-Mod1.pdf
Y3-SLIDE: 3 Q3 - The Meaning of the Mass-Mod1.pdf
Y2-SOUND: 3. Q3. Meaning of Mass-Deacon Matthew.mp3
Y2-SOUND: 3. Q3 meaning of Mass - Sem.R.Rouleau (missing 5 min).mp3
Y2-SLIDE: 3. Q3 - Meaning of the Mass-Sem Roger Rouleau.pdf
SOUND: 3. Q3 The Mass-Ernest Reimer.mp3
04. Q4 – Bible stories Y3-SOUND: 4. Q4b Bible stories-New Test.mp3
Y3-SOUND: 4. Q4a Bible stories-Old Test.mp3
Y2-SOUND: 6a. Q4 Bible stories - Old Testament.mp3
Y2-SOUND: 6b. Q4 Bible stories - New Testament.mp3
Y2-SLIDE: 6. Q4 - bible stories slides final final.pdf
05. Q4 - The Bible; and
Q5 - How do Catholics interpret the Bible?
Y3-SOUND: 5. Q4, Q5 Bible & how Catholics interpret - New Test-Vails.mp3
Y3-SOUND: 5. Q4, Q5 Bible & how Catholics interpret-Vails.mp3
SOUND: 5. Q4, Q5, Bible & Catholic interpretation.mp3
SLIDE: 5. Q4, Q5-Bible (2).pdf
06. Q6 - The Saints
Q7 – Mary; and
Q9 - Who’s Who in the Church
HANDOUT: 6. Q6. Q7. Q9 – Mother Mary – three things
SOUND: 7. Q6,7,9 Saints, Mary, who's who.mp3
SLIDE: 7. Q6,7&9 - Church, Pope, Mary, Saints, Rosary - Slides
HANDOUTS: 7. Q6,7&9 - Church, Pope, Mary, Saints, Rosary - Handout
07. Q10 - Catholics and Prayer SOUND: 7. Q10 - Catholics & Prayer-Marcella-2014.pdf
SLIDE: 7. Q10. Catholics & Prayer-2014-Marcella C.mp3
Y3-SOUND: 7. Q10 Catholics & Prayer.mp3
Y3-SLIDE: 7. Q10 - Catholics Prayer-Darlene.pdf
08. Q11 - Catholic Practices SOUND: 8. Q11. Catholic Practices.mp3
SLIDE: 8. Q11. Catholic Practices-2014-team.pdf
Y3-SOUND: 8. Q11 Catholic Practices-M.Cloran.mp3
Y3-SLIDE: 8. Q11 - Catholic Practices-M.Cloran.pdf
SLIDE: 8b. Q11. Living Liturgical Calendar-2014.pdf
09. C1 – Intro to the Sacraments Y3-SOUND: 9. C1 - Introduction to the Sacraments.mp3
Y3-SLIDE: 9. C1-The Sacraments (Louise).pdf
SOUND: 4. C1, C8 intro to Sacraments - Cheryl F.mp3
SLIDE: 4. C1,8 The Sacraments (Cheryl).pdf
10. C2 - The Sacrament of Baptism
C3 - The Sacrament of Confirmation
Y4-SOUND: 10. C2, C3. Sacraments Baptism, Conf-Fr. S. Casavant-2014.mp3
Y3-SOUND: 10a. C2, C3 Baptism & Confirmation-Fr. Sylvain Casavant-2013.mp3
Y3-SOUND: 10b. C2, C3 Baptism & Conf & Q&A-Fr. S. Casavant-2013.mp3
Y2-SOUND: 11. C2, C3 Baptism, Conf-Fr. Roger.mp3
Y2-SLIDE: 11. C2, C3 Baptism, Conf-Fr. Roger.pdf
SOUND: 10b. C2, C3 - Baptism, Conf-Darlene Smigelski.mp3
SLIDE: 10. C2, C3-Sacraments of Initiation(for posting)Fr. Sylvain.pdf
11. Q12 - Catholics and Church SOUND: 11. Q12. Catholics & Church-Sems Josh G, Brian T.-2014.mp3
Y3-SOUND: 11. Q12. Catholics & Church-sems Travis & Thuy-2013.mp3
Y3-SLIDE: 11. Q12. Catholics and Church-sems-Travis & Thuy-2013.pdf
12. C4 - The Eucharist Y3-SOUND: 12. C4. Eucharist-2014-Marcella.mp3
Y3 SLIDE: 12. C4 - Eucharist2014-Marcella.pdf
Y2-SOUND: 10. C4. Eucharist - Marcella Cloran.mp3
Y2 SLIDE: 10. C4 - Eucharist (expanded) - Marcella Cloran.pdf
SOUND: 10. C4-Eucharist, Lou Normand.mp3
SLIDE: 10. C4 - Eucharist 11.pdf
13. C5 - The Sacrament of Penance
C6 - The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick
Y2-SOUND: 16a. C5 - L3 - Sacrament Reconciliation-Fr. Andrew.mp3
Y2-SOUND: 16b. C6 - Sacrament of Sick - Fr. Andrew.mp3
SOUND: 16a. C5,L3 Sacr of Reconciliation-Fr. Andrew.mp3
SOUND: 16b. C6 Sacr of Sick - Fr. Andrew.mp3
SLIDE: 16. C5, C6, L3 Sacrament of Penance & sick.pdf
SLIDE: 16. bookmark - Examination of Conscience.pdf
SLIDE: 16. Reconciliation - the basics.pdf
Christmas Story Advent Evening of Prayer & Reflection SOUND: 12. The Birth of the Saviour - Darlene S..mp3
14. C7 - The Sacrament of Marriage Y4-SLIDE: 14. C7. Matrimony.pdf
Y4-SLIDE: 14. C7. Sacramental marriage handout.pdf
Y4-SLIDE: 14. C7. Sacrament of Marriage (RCIA) 2015-mod1.pdf
Y3-SLIDE: 14. C7 - The Christian View of Sex.pdf
Y3-SLIDE: 14. C7 - Contraception-why not-Janet Smith.pdf
Y4-SOUND: 14a. C7. Sacrament of Marriage-Quist-2015.mp3
Y4-SOUND: 14a. C7. Sacrament of Marriage-Quist-2015-Q&A.mp3
Y3-SOUND: 14a. C7. Sacrament of Marriage-Quist P&C-2014.mp3
Y3-SOUND: 14b. C7. Q&A-Sacrament of Marriage-Quist-2014.mp3
Y2-SOUND: 13a. C7 - Sacrament of Marriage-Quist P & C.mp3
SOUND: 13b. C7 - Sacrament of Marriage-Quist P & C.mp3
15. C8 - The Sacrament of Holy Orders
C9 - The People of God
Y4-SLIDE: 15a. C9. People of God.pdf
Y4-SLIDE: 15b. C8. Holy Orders.pdf
Y3-SLIDE: 15. C8. C9. Discussion questions.pdf
Y3-SLIDE: 15. C8. C9. Sacrament of Holy Orders & People of God-Fr. Jaya-2014.pdf
Y3-SLIDE: 15. C8. Sacrament of Holy Orders-Fr. Jaya-2014.pdf
Y3-SLIDE: 15. C9. Biblical outline of COVENANTS-2014.pdf
Y3-SLIDE: 15. C9. People Of God-Fr. Jaya-2014.pdf
Y4-SOUND: 15a. C8. Holy Orders & C9. People of God-FrJaya2015.mp3
Y4-SOUND: 15. C8. C9. Holy Orders People of God Q&A-Fr. Jaya-2015.mp3
Y3-SOUND: 15. C8. C9. Sacrament Holy Orders & People of God-Fr. Jaya-2014.mp3
SOUND: 9a. Q12,C9 Catholics, Church, people.mp3
SLIDE: 9a. Q12, C9 Catholics,Church,people.pdf
SOUND: 9b. Q12, C9 Catholics, Church, people.mp3
SLIDE: 9b. Q12, C9, Catholics,Church,people.pdf
SLIDE: 9c. Q12,C9 Catholics, Church, people.pdf
SOUND: 9d. Q12, C9-Catholics, Church, People of God-T&K Gust.mp3
SLIDE: 9d. Q12-C9 Catholics Church -Gust Oct 30 2008.pdf
16. C10 - Who is Jesus Christ? Y5-SOUND: 16. C10. Who is Jesus Christ-Marcella C.-2015.mp3
Y5-SLIDE: 16. C10. Who is Jesus Christ.pdf Y4-SOUND: 16. C10. Who is Jesus Christ-M.Cloran-2014.mp3
Y3-SLIDE: 16. C10-Who is Jesus Christ.pdf
Y3-SOUND: 17. C10 - Who is Jesus Christ-Marcella2013.mp3
Y3-SLIDE: 17. C10-Who is Jesus Christ-Marcella2013.pdf
Y2-SOUND: 17. C10 Who is Jesus Christ-M. Cloran.mp3
Y2-SLIDE: 17. C10 Who is Jesus Christ-Marcella C.pdf
SOUND: 17. C10 - Who is Jesus Christ-Marcella2009.mp3
SLIDE: 17. C10-Who is Jesus Christ-Marcella2009.pdf
17. C11 - The Early Church; and
C12 - History of the Church
Y3-SLIDE: 17. C11. C12. Church History - by seasons-Fr K West.pdf
17. C11. C12. Early Church & History of Church-Vail-Jan 2015.mp3
17. C11. C12. Handout. Church History 29Jan15.pdf
17. C11. C12. Church History 29Jan15.pdf
18. C13 - Christian Moral Living; and
C14 - Social Justice
Y3-SOUND: 18. C13, C14 Christian Moral living & Social justice-Gust-2014.mp3
Y3-SLIDE: 18. C13, C14 Christian Morals & Social Justice-Gust-2014.pdf
Y3-SLIDE: 18. C13, C14 Christian Moral Living&Social Justice Workshop-Gust Feb 20 2014.pdf
Y2-SOUND: 14. C13, C14 Christian Moral living & SJ - Liz Hanatuke.mp3
Y2-SLIDE: 14. C13-C14 Christian Morals-Social Justice-Hanatuke2008.pdf
SOUND: 14. C13, C14 Christian Moral living, Social Justice-Sems.mp3
SOUND: 18. C13. C14. Christian Moral Living & Social Justice-2015-L-England.mp3
SLIDE: 18. C13-C14 Christian Moral Living SJ 2015
PAMPHLET: 18. Mass Pamphlet-with Venial Sin Notation
19. C15 - The Consistent Life Ethic; and
C16 - The Dignity of Life
SOUND: 21b. C15, C16. Dignity & Consistent Life Ethic-Q&A-Fr.A & Deacon R
Talking Points: Catholic response to Euthanasia-talking points
Y3-SOUND: 19. C15. C16. Consistent life ethic & dignity-Deacon Harrison-2014.mp3
Y2-SOUND: 20. C15-C16 Dignity & Consistent Life ethic-Louise-2013.mp3
Y2-SOUND: 20. C15-C16. Dignity & Consistent life ethic-Fr. Roger-2013.mp3
Y2-SLIDE: 20. C15 C16 Consistent Life Ethic Dignity of Life.pdf
SOUND: 20a. C15,16 Life Ethics, dignity - L. England.mp3
SLIDE: 20a. C15 & C16 Consistent Life Ethic & Dignity of Life.pdf
SLIDE: 20b. C15, 16 - Principle of Double Effect.pdf
20. L1 - What is Lent? and
L2 - Saying Yes to Jesus
2015 SLIDE: 20. L1. L2. What Is Lent & Yes to Jesus 2015
Y3-SOUND: 20. L1, L2 What is Lent & Yes to Jesus-Vail & Smigelski-2014.mp3
Y3-SLIDE: 20. L1. L2. Lent & Yes to Jesus-Vail & Smigelski-2014.pdf
Y3-SLIDE: 20. L1. L2. Lent Homework.pdf
Y2-SOUND: 19. L1, L2. Lent-2013-K.Beler-T.Tran-D.Smigelski.mp3
SOUND: 19. Lent & Rites-Meg & Darlene.mp3
SLIDE: 19a. L1, L2 What Is Lent .pdf
21. L5 - The Way of the Cross SOUND: 18a. L5. Way of the Cross-presentation-Gust-2013.mp3
SOUND: 18b. L5-The way of the Cross-prayer.mp3
SLIDE: 18. L5 - Way of the Cross 21 Feb 2013
SLIDE: 18. L5 - Way of the Cross handout 21 Feb 2013
22. L4 – The Nicene Creed Y3-SOUND: 22. L4 Nicene Creed-Sems Travis & Thuy-2014.mp3
Y3-SLIDE: 22. L4. Nicene Creed-Sems Travis and Thuy 2014.pdf
Y2-SOUND: 21. L4 - Nicene Creed-Kendrick-Darlene.mp3
Y2-SLIDE: 21. L4 - Nicene Creed-Kendrick-Darlene-2013.pdf
SOUND: 21a. L4 Nicene Creed-Fr.Roger R.mp3
SLIDE: 21a. CREED - NEW-combo.pdf
SLIDE: 21. L4 Nicene Creed.pdf
23. L3 - Take a Look (Examination of Conscience) Y3-SOUND: 23a. L3. Take a Look (Conscience)-Darlene, Fr. Jaya-2014.mp3
Y3-SOUND: 23b. L3. Q&A & demo of Confession-2014.mp3
Y3-SLIDE: 23. L3. Take a Look-Darlene Fr. Jaya-2014.pdf
Y3-SLIDE: 23. L3. Reconciliation - the basics.pdf
24. L6 - The Lord’s Prayer Y2-SOUND: 23. L6 - Lord's Prayer-MaryAnne M-2013.mp3
Y2-SLIDE: 23. L6 - Lord's Prayer-MaryAnne M-2013.pdf
SOUND: 23. L6 - Lord's Prayer-L. England.mp3
SLIDE: 23. L6-The Lord's Prayer 2012.pdf
25. L7 - The Meaning of Holy Week Y3-SOUND: 25. L7. Meaning of Holy Week-Vales-2014.mp3
Y3-SLIDE: 25. L7. HolyWeek2014-M.Vale.pdf
SOUND: 22. L7 Meaing of Holy Week-M.Vail.mp3
SLIDE: 22. L7-The Meaning of Holy Week2012.pdf
26. M1 - Conversion: A lifelong process; and
M2 - The Laity: Called to build God’s Kingdom
Y3-SOUND: 24. M1, M2 - Conversion & Laity-2013-E&H Reimer.mp3
Y2-SOUND: 24a. M1, M2 Conversion & Laity-Reimers.mp3
Y2-SOUND: 24b. M1, M2 Conversion & Laity - L. England.mp3
SOUND: 24c. M1, M2 Conversion & Laity -D.T. Smigelski.mp3
SLIDE: 24c. M1, M2 - Conversion & the Laity.pdf
27. M3 - Your Special Gifts; and
M4 - Family Life

Y3-SOUND: 27a. M3. Your Special Gifts.mp3
Y3-SOUND: 27b. M4. Family Life.mp3
Y2-SOUND: 25. M3, M4 - Catholic Family life, gifts-2013-MaryAnne M..mp3
Y2-SLIDE: 25. M3,M4 - Family life, gifts-2013-E.Hanatuke.pdf
SOUND: 25. M3, M4 Gifts & Family Life.mp3
SLIDE: 25. M3,M4 Special Gifts and Family Life (Cheryl Fisher).pdf
27. M3. M4. Gifts & Family Life

28. M5 - Your Prayer Life; and
M6 - Discernment
Y3-SOUND: 28a. M5. M6. Prayer Life & Discernment-Fr. Andrew B.2014.mp3
Y3-SOUND: 28b. M5. M6. Prayer Life & Discernment-Fr. Andrew B.2014.mp3
Y2-SOUND: 26. M5, M6 Prayer life & Discernment-Fr. Andrew-2013.mp3
Y2-SLIDE: 26. M5 M6 - Prayer Life and Discernment-C. Fisher.pdf
SOUND: 26. M5, M6 Prayer life & Discernment. Fr. Andrew.mp3
29. M7 – Holiness; and
M8 - Evangelization
Y3-SOUND: 29. M7, M8. Holiness & Evangelization-Deacon Harrison A. 2014.mp3 Y2-SOUND: 27. M7, M8 - Holiness, Evangelization-2013-Fr. Roger Rougleau.mp3
Y2-SLIDE: 27. Holy Spirit - fruits, gifts-summary.pdf
Y2-SOUND: 27. M7, M8 Holiness & Evangelization-Fr. Dan Abba.mp3
Y2-SLIDE: 27. Holy Spirit - fruits, gifts-summary.pdf
SOUND: 27. M7, M8 Holiness & Evangelization - Fr. Roger.mp3
SLIDE: 27. Holy Spirit - fruits, gifts-summary.pdf

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